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BabbleType Published: July 31, 2017
Worldwide, United States
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BabbleType hires work at home transcribers, translators, and editors. They do require you to have experience and have an application process, but the pay seems pretty good if you can meet their requirements.


Must have experience in transcription, editing, or translation.

Need high-quality headset and they recommend using a foot-pedal.


Fill out the application on their website and take the proofreading test. If you pass they will contact you in a few days to be added to their list of available contractors.


Transcription: Up to $.80 per audio minute

Translation: Up to $1.50 per audio minute

Editing: Up to $.15 per audio minute

Pays weekly via PayPal.

How To Apply

To learn more visit and apply!

Recommended Training

Transcribe Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere


Learn how you can work at home and make $12+ an hour transcribing, translating, or proofreading at babbletype!