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Funbulous Published: December 27, 2017
Anywhere, United States
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How do I apply?

Please go to this LINK and fill the application form. This will only take a few minutes.

Where can I teach from?

You can teach from the United States, Canada, or Mainland China.

What devices do I need?

1. A computer with a webcam
3. Stable Internet connection(cable connection required)

What's the minimum internet speed required?

The upload speed should be at least 2mb/s, and the download speed should be at least 10mb/s.You can visit to run a test.

What if I didn't get any response after I submit my application?

If you don't hear from us within 3 work days, it's likely that you are not selected to move forward. In rare circumstances, your application might get lost. To follow up on your application, please contact us at and include your email address, application date, and your CV attached.


What is the recruiting process like?

1. Application
2. Interview
3. Pre-demo training
4. Demo lesson
5. Trial lessons
6. You're Hired!

How does the interview work?

As an alternative to a Skype interview, we find asking the candidates to make a 1-3-minute-long video of themselves telling a story to be more efficient. You can simply send us the YouTube link, Google Drive link or the video file. If you would rather have an interview, you can let us know and we will set it up as well.

What is a pre-demo training?

The pre-demo is for you to get used to the teaching program. You will learn the operations and some teaching techniques. It will be about 1 hour long.

What is a demo lesson like?

The demo is a trial lesson in which you teach one or two of our staff (assuming they are your students). They will provide tips and feedback to help you improve your teaching style. We will also decide whether you are ready to teach or need another demo lesson

What are the trial lessons?

When you start teaching, the first 3 lessons are considered trials. While conducting the first three lessons, you are observed and assessed. You will officially become a Qkids teacher after passing three trial lessons.

Will I get paid for these training lessons?

You will be paid 16 USD for the demo session and 8 USD each for 3 trial lessons. Pre-demo is unpaid. You will receive the payment for training regardless of your final hiring status or decision to join our company.


Do I need to do any lesson plans?

Not necessarily, but you will need to prepare for each class by familiarizing yourself with previewing materials.

How long is a lesson?

A lesson is 30 minutes long.

How many students will I be teaching in a class?

You will be teaching 1-6 student(s) in a classroom.

Will I be teaching same students every time?

We try to match same teachers with same students in the best way we can, but you should also expect to see a few new faces in every class


How does the payment work?

You will be paid monthly. For American bank card holders, you will be paid via bank transfer. For non-American bank card holders, we will pay you via PayPal, the transfer fee will be covered by us.

How much do I get paid?

The payment for completing lessons consists of three parts:A) The Base Salary( 8USD per 30-min lesson)B) The Attendance Bonus(weekly), to reward your constant and timely presence in the classC) The performance Bonus(weekly), to reward your excellent performance in the class, based on your weekly average rating from parents/students. The payment for each standby of lessons is 4 USD. In case of emergency, we would have teachers as standby teachers at each class time. Standby teachers get paid for $4 for being available during the class time.

Will I get a bonus if I recommend Qkids to others and they become Qkids teacher as well?

Yes, referring is highly appreciated. The referral reward is 100 USD and will be paid after the referral has passed trials classes and taught for 20 days afterwards.

What about tax?

Teachers are responsible for their own taxes.

I am a resident of Canada, do I get paid in US dollars?

Yes, all teachers will be paid in US dollars.


What time slots can I choose from?

Please go to this LINK for the Qkids timetable. The time we use here is Boston Time(Eastern Time).

Is there minimum working hours?

Teachers are required to commit at least 12 lessons(6 hours) a week.

Can I change my working schedule?

Yes. Nevertheless, we hope you can be cautious when you make your commitment in the beginning. If you have to change your schedule, please give us at least one week notice in advance.

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